The Print Social is a North West based group for anyone interested in printmaking. This includes artists, designers and illustrators of a broad age range who enjoy producing prints in a variety of mediums.


The Print Social was formed by a group of friends in Liverpool who are excited about traditional print methods and were looking for a way to meet similar folk. The group is intended to provide a platform for both experienced and inexperienced printmakers (as well as those who have yet to try printmaking) to share knowledge and get involved in exhibitions and bigger projects.

We organise a meetup every couple of months to get out of the studio, grab a coffee or a beer and chat about what we’ve been working on. This gives us a great opportunity to discuss ideas, solve technical problems and share tips on the best places to buy materials.

In the spirit of collaboration, we also host exhibitions and events that showcase how much you can do with printmaking. One of our regular events is Liverpool Print Fair which you can find out more about over at